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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Music Affects Us What Listening To Music Does To Our Brains Happy/Sad music affects how we see other people's neutral faces. After listening to sad music we may interpret someone's neutral face as sad, and vice versa. Music set at a moderatevolume in the backgroundcan improve creativity, becausewhen it is more difficult toprocess things as we normally would, we think of more creative things. However, music at a high volume does not increase creativity. Contrary to popular belief, music can distract us whilewe are driving. A study was done on teenagers and young adults to see how their driving was affected when listening to music.When they were testedlistening to their ownmusic, they made moremistakes and were moreaggressive. What Playing An Instrument Does To Our Brains The benefit of music is not limited to expressing yourself, impressing friends, or just having fun.Studies now showthat music lessonsin childhood can provide an addeddefense against: Memory Loss Cognitive Decline Undiminished abilityto distinguish consonantsand spoken words The longer you playan instrument, themore benefit youwill get According to this graphfrom 2002-2003,15.83 million peopleplay a musical instrument Sources: By Eric Trent
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