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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Manilaa megacity struggling with urban pressure New Yorka megacity that is handling urban pressure In Manila there are 2.5 million people in slums In New York City, 16.6% of the total population is homeless (about 1.2 million) Modern Megacities A Modern Megacity is a city that overtime has attracted over 10 million people.Ever since the Industrial Revolution people have been leaving rural areas is search of work in the factories.Competition for jobs were very tight as dangerous machines were introduced, manpower was expandable as many people needed jobs. Manila has around 3 millionunemployed Filipinos.The un employment rate is 7.3% New York has around 3.2 million people un-employed.The un-employment rate is 6.2% Manila is located near the easternshore of manila bayAnd is located near the equator New york is located in thenorthern hemishpere in north america. Manila has Sixteen cities that help make up the Metro ManilaArea.Manila's centres of trade andcommerce are found to thenorth of manila New york has five boroughs:Manhatten, The Bronx, Brooklyn,Queens and staten island.Most of New Yorks CBD and tradingcentres are in Manhatten With a population of 19.65 millionNew york has over 11.8% asian americans and 27.5% hispanic people. New york has employed management stratedgies to handle urban pressure:200,000 units being build to help with homelesness.New metro systems to help with transportation.And New Pollution monitering systems. The total population of metromanila is around 12 million.The mean of a mothers first birth inManila is 23 years old and 0-14years old is around 33.7%. The Fillipines has 20millionpeople living in the citiesand only 700,000 living in rural areas First Person Account Hi my name is Robert, I am a Migrant From New York and I studied there for a bachelor in structural engineering and saved up most of my money to move to manila and work there to help develop the city and get myself some work experience. I work at a construction company in manila and my pay isn't bad. Everyday I get the opportunity to help people by building them new homes and I get to see how happy they are, But most of thetime I see how troubled the peoples lives are in the slums and how they live in little shacks to try and get by. Sometimes life is very dangerous forme, Rebels try to kidnap Foreigners and sell them for ransom and Crime rate is high. Migration into the Philippines is pretty easy as the government encourages tourism and welcomes foreign money. Trees and Grass in manila Is very rare as expansion keeps going into more rural areas, and as more people migrate to the city the more room is needed for slums and other buildings. If more people Migrated to the country side then more money could be made from farming and working the land, also theenvironment would be spared from major pollution and overpopulation. The Dasig River goesThrough Manila to give the people freshwater and food. Manhattan has the Hudson river that Separates it from the other isles. Manhattan is connected to the boroughs by the Brooklyn bridge
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