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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Labor Relations: Training, Experience and Key Successes Labor Relations: Training, Experience and Key Successes - Assistant Professor and Co-Leader: Peer Educators In Human Relations- Classes - Cornell's School of Industrial Labor Relations Labor Training - Labor Training - Concentration in Labor and Employment Law- Collaboration on Journal of Labor and Employment Law Confidential: prepared by Mirande Valbrune re Director of Labor Relations role, Stop and Shop Handled all aspects of Labor Relations for unionized clients related to NLRA and CBAs. "CCAP" Philosophy Established C- CommercialC- ConsistentA- AlignedP- Practical Conducted multi-month audit of client's HR and Labor Relations practices, resulting in offer to join client as HR Director for Riverbay. and beyond Directed all HR functions for 1100 employee property management co. with 6 unions.Served as Chief spokesperson in all union negotiations, grievances and arbitrations. AXA- Led Employee Relations function and union avoidance efforts for US entity of app. 10,000 employees * Consulting - led union avoidance efforts for growing food service org. Labor Experience - Labor Experience Key Achievements and Results - Key Achievements and Results Results - Client faced significant potential monetary exposure related to unpaid back wages/overtime re class of unionized employees.- Client objected to certification of large class of employees to unit that did not share same community of interest. Epstein, Becker and Green Riverbay Corporation - "Race to Bottom" culture. Unionized employees lacking organizational incentives to drive toward differentiation in performance as CBAs dictated universal comp increases.- Culture lacked tolerance for diversity: i.e. stray remarks, numerous complaints, past class actions, etc. - At AXA, faced efforts to unionize call center employees (Comm'n Workers of America). - As a consultant, faced efforts to unionize client restaurant's food service workers (UNITE-HERE). Key Challenges Epstein, Becker and Green - Client, Riverbay Corp. faced numerous Labor and Employee Relations challenges (i.e. past class actions, lack of policy and process clarity and consistency, lack of performance differentiation/compensation) at great cost, distraction to company. Littler Mendelson - Worked closely with union re agreed upon procedure for determining (through employee interviews and analysis) real amount of back wages due.- Brought NLRB charge contesting election on basis that employees did not constitute a readily identifiable group or share a distinct community of interest. Littler Mendelson - Ran multi-month audit of Riverbay's Labor and Employment practices, including: surveys, meetings with management and employees, wholesale review of CBAs, Employee Handbook and HR practices. Riverbay Corporation - Successfully bargained for changes to CBAs that allowed for bonuses and merit increases above minimum set by CBA.- Engaged consultants to perform time motion studies.- Instituted annual firm-wide diversity training and zero-tolerance policy for harassment. Epstein, Becker and Green - Saved client approximately $250k in potential back wage liability;exposed issues in timekeeping, employee oversight that led to important policy and practice changes. - Succeeded on argument, thereby reducing class/size of unionized employees and maintaining company's flexibility re management of non-unionized employees. Littler Mendelson - Numerous practice and policy recommendations made to client.- Offered role of Director of Human Resources at Riverbay to execute on practice and policy recommendations. Riverbay Corporation - Incentivization toward outstanding performance. Managers reported greater output. For example, turnaround for refurbishing apartments reduced by 20% in 1st year.- Baselines created for minimum production required from employees.- Complaints, EEO charges, litigation reduced dramatically, resulting in overall reduction of employment law costs by ~$800k compared to similar prior time period. - Successfully defeated, in both instances, union organizing campaigns. AXA and Beyond... - Educated employees about disadvantages of unions, including risk of strike, high price of union salaries, union dues, fees, fines, and assessments. - Educated employees that current salaries and working conditions were higher than industry standard for union and non-union employees. Passion for Labor,Employee Relationsis Established AXA and Beyond... Actions Taken AXA and Beyond... double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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