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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prince Edward Island The capital city of PEI is, Charlotte Town.Population= 145,211Area of the province is 5,660 km2.Time zone is Atlantic standard time.The land form - is the Prince Edward Island is in the gulf of St. Lawrence, off the Atlantic Coastof the Canadian mainland.physical/Cultural features- Prince Edwards Island's geography is mostly pastoral with red soil, white sand, and scattered communities. Known as the "Garden of the Gulf".Did you know that Anne of Green gables museum is located in P.E.I ? New Brunswick double click to change this header text! The capital city of New Brunswick is Fredericton.Population is 755,464 Area of the province is 72,908kmTime zone is Atlantic standard time. The land form - Mt Carleton, at 820 metres (2,690 feet), is the highest.Physical/cultural features- New Brunswick geography says that new Brunswick has a blend of climates typical of a coastal area and of an inland province. January is generally the coldest month.miscellaneous- there is very large malls in the location of New Brunswick. Newfoundland The capital city of Newfoundland is St. Johns.Population- 106,172.Area of the province is 446.04 km2 (172.2 sq mi).Time zone is, a half an hour behind.The land form is- Newfoundland and Labrador is located on the eastern edge of North America.physical/cultural features- Norris Point. A west coast fishing settlement in Bonne Bay. Newfoundland culture has been largely shaped by its marine environment.Miscellaneous- there is amazing hunting on the land. Nova Scotia The capital city of Nova Scotia is Halifax.Population- 921,727Area of the province- 55,284 km²time Zone is Atlantic timeLand form- eastern shore region of Nova Scotia Canada. It is the Atlantic coast running northeast from Halifax Harbour to the eastern end of the peninsula at the Strait of Cansophysical/cultural features-
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