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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WW2 Luca and Maxi How and when did it start? Protection There were two ¨sides¨, the Allies and the Axis. The ¨Allies¨ were the good ones and the ¨Axis¨ were the Nazis. The other countries were NEUTRAL Lifestyle Changes It all started when Adolph Hitler roseto power in Germany. He created the Nazi party to eliminate the Jewish people. It started on 3rd of September in 1939 The war ends!!! Children Children suffered a lot.At school children learnt how to put a gas masks and practised air raid drill.They had to sleep in air raid shelter. For Christmas or their birthdays the children received toys butless toys before the war. The ALLIES won!!!The war finished after 6 years.It finished when Japan was defeated on 2nd of August.People came form all places for 4 or 5 months. These peolpe were airmen and sailors. Connections Anne Frank is a very good connection because she was one of the children that suffered war. So she tells about her feelings for war in her story. ¨The empire of the sun¨ (a movie) shows a boy that is taken away from is family and he has to survive war alone.. Now, people had to ration food as they couldn't eat all they wanted. Jews were much more affected than Christian. Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate the jewish people from the world. Blackouts Shelters Number the Stars is also a very good connection because it talks of how Jewish had to flee (this also appears in Anne Frank) from their houses or even from countries. Air Raids Gas Masks
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