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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ITEM NO. 004: FEET POWERS and Ablities ITEM NO. 002: HEART ITEM NO. 003: HANDS "I'm not a player, I just blog a lot" - Britt BrouseThe Britt Brouse has highly developedmotor skills, and is capable of typing at an astonishing rate of The expressiveness index (EI) of a Britt Brouse is above average among mammals.Common expressions include the grimace and the Sturgeon Britt Brouse has average sized feet for herheight and mass. She is known for herdistinctive footwear selections: Britt Brouse's brain is filled with many wonderful things. These include:- Marbles- The AP Style Guide- Bicycles- Vibes Mera derives her powers from the water she lives in. Jam and toast 31% Love Woody Allen 51% 11% 22% 14% Coffee Tofu 60-80 WPM TM MERA Created by Sarah Trainor ITEM NO. 001: BRAIN ITEM NO. 005: FACE Who exactly is a Mera anyway? Let's explore. The heart of a Britt Brouse is 100% organic.Ingredients: Unique Physiology double click to change this title text! Amphibian: Possesses a set of gills that allow her to breath under water.Dimensional travel: Ability to travel between her native world and Earth.Hydrokineis: Ability to increase the density of water. Mera commonly uses this power to create water missilesEnhanced Strength: Mera as enhanced bone density which allows her to swim at the depths of the see, this also makes her very strong.Telepathy: Mera has limited degree of telepathy which allows her to communicate with other Atlantean beings.
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