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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2013 EPPC Funds all under NJ-DCF 2011 2009 Founded 2010 EPPC'S Sub-Contractors 2012 June 10, 2011: EPPC held Community BabyShowerOctober 2011: EPPC became the Advisor for Arkansas Home Visiting Network 2014 Referral Increase June 2014: 5000 Referrals *Gateway Northwest Maternal/Child Health Network*Northern NJ Maternal/Health ConsortiumMarch 29,2010: Received first ReferralMay 24,2010: Reached 100 Referrals*Nicholson Foundation Funding ended History of Essex Pregnancy & Parenting Connection Funded by State of*New Jersey Department of Children and Families *Nicholson Foundation Major Events Held Major Meetings Held March 2010- First Referral Received February 2013: Meeting for Association for Maternal & Child Health Programs March 2013: Help me Grow New Jersey Meeting April 2013: Childbirth Education Competencies training for Home Visiting July 10, 2013: HV Training collaborated with Francois- Xavier Bagnoud Center July 31, 2013: 2nd Annual HV Appreciation Day December 2013: First Project LAUNCH meeting funded by SAMHSA & DCF January 2014: Central Intake Expands from birth to 8 years May 16, 2014: Pregnancy Palooza June 2014: 5,000 Referrals June 13, 2014: 3rd Annual Home Visiting Appreciation Day August 2, 2014: Big Latch On October 15, 2014: BreastFeeding Symposium October/November: Created Bus Shelter Ads June 22, 2012: 1st Annual Home Visiting Appreciation Day June 2012: Received 2,500 Referrals October 2012: EPPC introduced nationally in PCA National Conference (Jacksonville, FL)
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