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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Learning Styles Verbal/Linguistic Bodily/Kinesthetic Visual/Spatial Musical/Rhythmic Intrapersonal Interpersonal Logical/Mathematical Definition Reasoned, precise, accurateCharacteristics - listens to and gives oral presentationsLearns best by saying, hearing, and seeing words Definition - Reasoned, precise, accurateCharacteristics - Likes to conduct experimentsLearns best by Categorizing, classifying, and working with patterns and relationships Definition - Mental images, seeing, sightCharacteristics - daydreamer and imaginativeLearns best by visualizing, dreaming, and using colors and pictures Definition - Physical activity and movement and awareness through sensory perception - hearing, seeing, smelling, feelingCharacteristics -Likes to move around, touch, talk, and use body languageLearns best by getting up and moving around. Definition - related to relationships with other peopleCharacteristics - Good at understanding peopleLearns best by teaching others, Sharing with others, Collaborative groups Definition - Sound arranged in patterns, tone, and pitch through music, poetry, color, painting, and photographyCharacteristics - Likes to sing, hum tunes, listen to music, play an instrument Learns best by rhythm, melody, and music Definition - Related to nature and the environment Characteristics - Enjoys geography, weather, learning about the environmentLearns best by Studying natures patterns Learning how things work Definition - Within selfCharacteristics - Likes to work aloneReflective and self-awareLearns best by Working aloneIndividualized projects Naturalistic
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