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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Industrial Revolution Why did the Industrial Revolution start in England (Britain)? Industrial Revolution started because people wanted to start increasing production in order to do this they made and innovated machines. The inventions helped speed process along, like the steam engine for mining coal which was for fires, the seed drillto quickly plant seeds for food, and the four-year crop rotation that helpedrotate plants each year to be grown at it's best. Soon, there was way more extra food than before. Other Factors Other factors as to why the IndustrialRevolution started in Britain would be it's cultural superiority, only Europe had the culture of science and invention, freer political institutions encouraged innovations and the population was small. Also, navigable rivers, railroads, higher wages, labor was cheap; these contributed to how Britain started making machinery and factories andthey were very enterprising. Higher wages meant the workers would work faster and better which then will help speed up processes and more peoplewould want to go to Britain which will then cause factories and buildings to be builtDuring the time, Britain had the highestwages while other countries had low ormedium, this gave Britain the advantage ofproducing goods faster because the people working would get more money, which leads to more people then they will grow and machines will becomeinvented and buildings built. Britain had many improvements in agrarian, this included the seed drill, four-year crop rotation, wooden/heavy plows and moldboard.The seed drill precisely positioned seeds in soil and then covers them without the farmers doing it by hand, which then increases the how fast food production goes which will feed more people, which then will lead to larger population and then jobs can become available. The four-year crop rotation helped rotate the production of foods each year, making sure that the food produced each year were good for the people, this helped thefarmers out again because they didn't have to do it.These innovations helped Britain increase their food production which leads to industrialization because asfood production increases, factories will start to getmade and new sources of how to make the food will advance. Other countries like China could have done this but Britain was the only place that had the culture of science and invention. Yes, China invented many other things but it was after Britain. Britain didn't justhave the knowledge of making machines and innovations but they really put what they had to use in order to helptheir economy and the people living their grow. Especially with machines getting made population and demands wereincreasing. Britain had natural resources that played a huge part in why the Industrial Revolution began first; due to the excessive coal they had to light fireswhich then contributed to the making ofthe steam engine which helped pump water out of coal mines so they would have more coal for the fires. The Steam Engine invention helped Britain a lot because mostof their coal was wet and in water so when the invention of the steam engine came, it helped get coal much faster and they didn'thave to do it by hand, also the demand of coal was increasing. China didn't have Britain's amount of coal; iron, cotton (made textiles)and how their animals were getting breeded better which doubled. Britain's natural resources was the beginning of them starting the industrial revolution, they used what they had and based from it, they began creating machines to speed the processes up because demands of the items were starting too increase; other countries were smart but they didn't have the kind of resources that Britain had in order to achieve what Britain did like with coal and then iron, which then brought them to making machinesfor it . Christina XuWorld HistoryMr. LasnierNov. 5 2014 Why did the Industrial Revolution start? Agricultural Innovations . Natural Resources Without the Industrial Revolution, we wouldn't have the factories and technology used today; it pathed a way for newideas to be discovered that took less time andproduced more for the people. Why Britain First??? "The Industrial Revolution was an increase in production brought about by the use of machines and characterized by the use of new energy sources." (CrashCourse) Connection
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