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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MEGACITIES A megacity has a population larger than 10 million or more and has a very high housing density 60 years ago New York and Japan were the only classified megacities due to their population exceeding 10 million. A megacity is formed when a city may start to house to many people in a main area and then decide to expand leaving the gates open for more people to come and live there,access more resources, be open to more business opportunity and tourism.Megacities started to form due to the industrial revolution which saw several factories and warehouses needing workersto operate machinery and tend to the industry. People flooded in due to the work opportunity and people became to clustered to be in one area and became overcrowded. Push and pull factors determine if people move to a megacity or move away from one like pollution of work for them in the city. People may also move to a megacity because of low income and resources in rural areas or their land may become valuable and they decide to sell it and then move.Pull factors may be to get away from the noise and crowds to go to places near the coast or start a rural businessOverall a megacity is formed from large amounts of people and business opportunities. Negative-New York Positive-Tokyo First Person Account My name is Jackson Michael. I thought I could make a difference in the world when I became a doctor so, I came to Seraipanok and the first day was horrible. It took two and a half hours before I could get to my hotel due to the traffic and crowds of people banging at the taxi window asking for food and money.The next day I went into the hospital for their first assignment for me and I was allocated to the slums, which I heard had 20% of the population living there.A child started to have symptoms of the common cold, it took almost an hour and a half to get through traffic and to duck and weave through all the makeshift houses and the smell of all the waste flooding the street. In the end I gave him some cold medicine and was then called back to the hospital to tend to a patient who cut himself and the doctors were distressed on the phone about possible infection, what a day! After that day I realised that Seraipanok need a serious upgrade so here are a few things that it would make it a million times better off.First, the issue that needs to be attended to as fast as possible is the slums, they need to have a weekly clean out of that place, it's drowning in all kindsof waste and what if there is an emergency? How are the services going to find the people in trouble in the dark and with sharp metal bits sticking out everywhere? Secondly, the traffic congestion has to be tended to by allocating certain lanes for public transport and where the city plans on expanding to widen the road, also place tolls on major highways used everyday to fund for improvement of the city. Thirdly, the pollution is that bad the smog created makes the sun disappear, the government may want to consider air restrictions of highly pollutant energy sources like coal plants for electricity. Fourthly, coastal erosion is washing the coast away day by day taking the ports, the staircases near the beach and apparently a life with it due to him being trapped under debris. The government might want to start doing something about that for example, adding sand back to the beach or at least moving peopleaway from the coast and finding new houses for them. Finally there are some serious issues with the water. Uptown where I live it's not that bad but, down in theslums, I don't even know if they're even drinking water. It's so polluted you'd think they were drinking the city's sewer system! I believe the governmentshould filter any water directed to the slums and then send it through purifiers, plus just to make sure it's clean, boil it and send then send it. Overall I believe more can be done for this city. It's suffering badly and the government isn't doing anything, especially in the slums, that place is the affected the worst. People there don't have anything and one day they may start getting very angry, when I was with a few they told me how fed up they were the governmentand some said they were planning a protest one of these days. I've opened my eyes to the big picture, I just wish more people in this city would too. Location: United States of America, North East of PhiladelphiaKilometres squared:790Geographical Location: Linear( Concentrated along the coastline next to Atlantic Ocean).Population:19,651,127 million(2013)Language: English, but very multicultural through out city.Birth every 4.4 min. and a death every 9.1 min.3121588 occupied housing unitsInteresting facts: All boroughs (towns or districts whichare with administative units) were all founded in the 1600'sChallenges by megacity:21.2% of New York is in poor conditions, In 2013 403 water main breaks, 162 out of 1,445 bridges have been deemed structually deficient, 30.4% of the city's roads to be in 'fair' or 'poor' conditionEnvironmental problems: Degradation of air and water quality from urban pollution, waste management, transportation, energy sources and infrastructure (especially after hurricane Sandy) Location: Japan, South West of AdachiKilometres squared:2188Geographical Location:Linear next to the North Pacific OceanPopulation:13.35 million (May 1st 2014)Language: JapaneseInteresting Facts:50,000 people over the age of 100There are more pets than childrenGoes through 1500 earthquakes a yearIncludes numerous parks and templesManagement strateies for Megacity: Tokyo is adding a large scale transportation improvement which involves more public transport and road structural improvement.Further distribution of population and industries to further unihabited parts of Tokyo.New housing provisions to deal with congestion and to have more public transport.Environmental Strategies: Tokyo has handled pollution by carrying counter measures like a strict control of air pollutant sources; including boilers and use of higher quality fuel sources, making the atmosphereric environment steadlily improving New York Tokyo United States of America Asia
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