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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gilang Kharisma Rahman Gilang Kharisma Rahman Gilang was born in Semarang, 24 October 1992.Currently living in Bandung, Indonesia. Interests Work and OrganizationalExperiences Online Behavior Gilang always connected to the internet, either with his smartphone or with hispersonal computer.E-mail : gilangkr@gmail.comPhone number : 08112478500Twitter : @gilanngkr Electrical Engineering Pop Culture 51% 14% 11% 22% Educational Background 31% Personal Traits Social Media Sports Social and Political Issues Work :2012 : Satelite Operation Engineer, Telemetry, Tracking, and Control, PT. MNC Skyvision2013 : Maintanance Department, Press and Welding Divison, PT. Toyota Motor MFG IndonesiaOrganization :2011 : Staff of Venue and Logistic divison at TEDxITT2012 : Staff of Publication and Decoration at Blue Techno Festival Staff of Community Care division at TEDxITT Steering Comittee at QUOTE 20122013 : Ketua Umum of Keluarga Mahasiswa Teknik Elektro Coordinator of Community Care divison at TEDxITT 1998 - 2004 : SD Pedurungan Tengah 02, Semarang2004 - 2007 : SMP N 2 Semarang2007 - 2010 : SMA N 3 Semarang2010 - : Telkom University, Electrical Engineering Degree Program LeadershipCommunication SkillAnalytical SkillIntermediate Eletrical Engineering SkillFluent in Indonesian and EnglishWork Well in Group
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