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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CPS Deployment Plan 5S (5 days)* Sort* Shine* Straighten* Standardize* Sustain Implement Cat® KPI's (10 days)* People* Quality* Velocity* CostMonitor through KPI Dashboard CPS Follow-Up (7 days/mo)* Audits encompassing 5S and CPS criteria* KPI Improvement Workshops* Support on-site (1 day/week) ToDo (5 days)(1) Waste Walk (w. managers)(2) Process Mapping(3) Interviews (w. employees)(4) Day in a life of...(5) CPS Workshop ToAsk (5 days)(1) CPS Self-Ready Assessment (before)(2) Safety Survey (before)(opt.) Multimoment Observation(opt.) Time Analysis Sustain (5 days)(1) Workshop for managers for sustaining(2) Operational Management(3) Daily Stand-Up(4) Action lists(!) Ask CPS supportive for help(opt.) Reward system for successful teams Pon-Wide Monitoring* Audit Dashboard* CPS Implementation Status* Reward System for Successful OpCo's Pre-Phase (10 days) Official Start (25 days) Follow-Up Introduce Sub-Systems (2 days)* Operating;* Culture;* Managing. Pon-Wide benchmark and workshop sessions for a CI organization. The CPS and Continuous Improvement for Dealers processes will enable change by providing a methodology to identify waste, sustain gains and continually improve processes. per department Visual Management (3 days)(1) Posters (8W, Sub-system & Guiding principles)(2) CPS Boards (Area, cell & CI)(3) Skill Matrix Succes & Sustain Criteria(1) Management is engaging (20% CPS)(2) There's a budget for improvements (Top support)(3) Employees are engaged (10% CPS activities) Reports:(1) CPS Self-Ready Assessment (After)(2) Safety Survey (After)
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