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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Young Voting By:Nikhil Godiyal Since 1972, women have been more likely to vote than young men but ,in 2008 the gap between genders was eight percentage. There was a 20 point turnout gap between members of lower income and higher income households in 2010. Only 40% of those whose family income was less than $50,000 turned out, compared to 60% of those from households earning more than $75,000. In the 2010 election, young people with college experience were almost twice as likely to vote as those without college experience (14.2% vs. 30.8%). 24% of citizen youth aged 18-29 turned out in 2010, down from 25% in 2006. People with disabilities represent 12% of the citizen voting age population 25.7 million voting age citizens. About 4 million additional voters 65 years of age and older reported going to the polls in 2012, as did about 1.3 million additional voters between the ages of 45 through 64. In every presidential election since 1996, women have voted at higher rates than men . Most recently in 2012, the spread was about 4 percentage points. In 2012, the voting population 45 years of age and over increased, while the number of voters 18 through 44 years old decreased. There was a 34 point turnout gap between individuals who had resided in their home for less than a year (28% turnout) and those who had resided in their home for at least 5 years (62% turnout). Black turnout 44% in 2010 continues to trail white turnout, with the gap widening during midterm elections.
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