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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Only 1 out of 6 parents know their child is being bullied on a social networking sites. 1 in 10 kids tell their parents they are being bullied on social networking sites. If you are being bullied you need to tell an adult Victims of Cyber Bullying may experience Depression Anxiety Isolation Girls are more likely to be cyber bullies and their victims 90% of teens on social media ignore bullying (Blue) 84% of teens tell the bully to stop (grey) Teens who ignore Teens who tell 66% of teens have witnessed online harassment, and saw other join. 21% of teens say they've joined the harrasment. low self esteem Thoughts of suicide Loss in appetite or sleep Because Boys are aggressive they tend to bully physically Girls, tend to bully emotionally Why? They are also covert, or secretive So bullying online is more convenient 81% of young people think it's easier to bully online. Don't be a victim! The facts about Cyber Bullying Tell an adult if: You are uncomfortable or threatened by someone online Someone is constantly harassing you online If someone makes you uncomfortable online Also If someone is threatening you online Save the evidence, and show an adult When somebody is being bullied online It would be best you told the bully to stop Most Cyber bullies do it for fun, but it's rarely an accident And now you know more about CYBER BULLYING sources:
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