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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 JONAS KINGCURRICULUM VITAE Retail Manager & E-commerce Manager CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing (Studying)DME CertificationGoogle Academy Certificate: Data to Decisions Head of Digital Projects - Emporium Pine Ltd Recent Experience Launch of new digitalinitiatives includingbasket recovery andnew blogging network Online sales increased121% YOY, Launch ofall Brands on Social. Address: 57 Maidstone Road, Norwich NR30 2QDTelephone: 07557 969 493Email: Responsible for the management and digital marketing of four e-commerce furniture brands.Full autonomy for UX and design, CRO, digital marketing and traffic building including PPC, SEO,social media, online content creation, blogging, performance management, reporting, & analytics. Store Manager - Hawkin's Bazaar Operator - Hawkin's Bazaar General Manager/Online Marketing Manager - TUK Self-employed operator of a temporary Hawkin's Bazaar store. Responsible for recruitment,training & coaching, loss/shrinkage prevention, stock control, local marketing of my business including local press. Duties included the management of three arcades, gaming centre and betting shop. Also responsible for marketing the online casino including search, social media, UX & design, PPC, analytics,plus monitoring and ensuring full legal compliance with gaming laws in all marketing. (2012 - Current) (2010) (2011) RecentAchievements (2008 - 2010) Duties included day-to-day store management, recruitment, loss prevention, stock control, sales strategy, local marketing, training & developing my team, driving KPIs. Organic search increased by more than 260% YOY!
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