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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DIVERGENT Call to Adventure Supernatural Aid Refusal of The Call The Crossing of the First Threshold Women as the Temptress The Belly of the Whale The road of Trials Meeting with the Goddess The call to adventure is when the hero is being shown or has seen a different world that is available but is not theirs. It can be determined as the awakening call for the hero in the story. In the movie divergent Beatrice has to decide weather she belongs in the category that she is from or move on to a different one. The people who are in charge make her take a test to help her decide on which faction she belongs to. The problem is that she is divergent, the test doesn't work on her. For everyone who actually belongs in a faction this is extremely dangerous and they are killed without another word. the refusal of the call is when the hero refusesto follow up on the adventure that she or he has been called for. There are five factions in divergent,Beatrice's call was the fact that she was divergent, her tests did not have a result for her. She is not sureabout who she is and where she wants to be. Thesafest thing is to stay within her faction for her parents as well. Supernatural aid is a person or objectthat helps the hero start their journey or advices them to begin it. After Beatrice test she had to go and chosewhich faction she wanted to be a part of for the rest of her life. When the young men and women chose they haveto cut a slit into their hand and drop adot of blood on one of the five factions,her bravery lead her to choosing Dauntless. Crossing the first threshold is when the heroleaves her safe place her safe life to go on toa new adventure. Beatrice is now part of the Dauntless fraction which she has to fight other initiates in order to survive and keep her spot. If Beatrice fails, she will become a factionless which are people who didn't succeed or she would be killed. She doesn't only need towatch out for other initiates but the leads aswell. The belly of the whale is when thehero enters her new world to adventure. This world is completelydifferent from the one where the hero was before. For Beatrice herold world was full of people whocared more about others thanthemselves. Now this world is moreabout fighting for your own life beforeprotecting others. The road of trials is considered tobe the point in the story where thehero had to face many obstaclesto survive or accomplish her or hisgoals. In Divergent Beatrice changesher name to Trice. Her first task is to jump into a dark deep hole. As thedays go on she has to become strong, she has to fight other initiatives to prove herself that she belongs there.The biggest task of all is that she has to hide the fact that she is divergent from everyone. Also, she needs to stayabove the red line or else she's out. When the hero reaches the meetingwith the goddess stage is when she or he meets someone who they fallin love with, someone who has power.In the movie falls in love with Four. Four,is one of the Dauntless trainers. He too isdivergent but Tris doesn't find out until later in the movie. He helps her hide the fact that she is divergent. This is the stage when the hero is tempted in many different ways. Trice is tempted to go home back to her family when she findsout that her faction is trying to take overthe lead faction which was the one she useto belong to. She decides to go to her brother;however, it is too late, her brother has already chosen factionover blood. This is when the hero encounters a powerful substance in his or her life. It usually is a male figure but itdoesn't have to be. Trice encountersthe serum that the leads are using tobuild their army to take down the abnegation faction. This serum can be her worst enemy, they can see who isn't following instructions and kill them at that instance. Atonement of the Father Apotheosis In this part of the journey it is whensomeone suffers a serious deaththat brings peace to the world andthe hero can then return. The serumwas given out to all of the initiativesthat had became Dauntless, it affectedall of them making them obey what theirleaders would command. However, since Trice and Fourare divergent this serum does nothing to them. They have to find a way to save all of the other factions. The only way out for them was to kill them main lead of the Dauntless faction. The Ultimate Boon The ultimate boon is when the herohas achieved his or her quest. When Trice goes and gets Four from wherehe was captured they fight off alloff the people who are surrounding them. The whole serum is controlledin a monitored computer and the only one who can shut it down is the main. They had to inject her withserum so she could obey Trice and wipeout the system. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Refusal of the Return the refusal of return is when the herodoes not want to go back to whereshe or he came from. In the movie Tricerefuses to go back when she gets on the train with her brother, Four, and Four's father. They decided to let the train take them where it ends.
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