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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pushing Boundaries Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson went out on limb to show society the big issue. Emerson wrote Self-Reliance to make people wake up and realize what their problem is, "We but half expressourselves, and are ashamedof that divine idea that we eachrepresent (Emerson391)." Emerson's point as to whichI personally believe that hewas trying to get across isthat everybody is different.In result everybody is here for a different purpose. Whybe one in a billion when youcan be one out three? Martin CooperMartin Cooper likes to leave room for improvement rather than tryingto fulfill every single purpose. In an interview with Cooper heexplains why he hasn't came upwith an idea to benefit all people,"I hate the concept of trying tobuild a universal device that doesall things for all people, becausethen it doesn't do any of them verywell(Cooper)." Cooper doesn't like tosolve everyone's problem. Cooperintends to leave a gap for improvement.Also Martin Cooper believes that peopleshould try to solve their own problems. Henry FordFord Pushed boundaries when he showed society whatlife could be without a horseand carriage. In the biography that Iread of Henry Ford Henry stated hisgoal to society practically promising everybodyHe would change the world, "I will build a car forthe great multitude(Ford)." By stating this Henrystepped out to make a difference similar to how Emerson pointed out the big issue in society.When Henry invented the first car not only didhe revolutionize the world but he also sparkedsomething in certain people. That spark was thefact that soon after people realized that dreams can come true. I mean just look at what inventionssoon trailed behind the car, washer machine, refrigerator and many others. Steve Wozniack Steve Wozniack pushed major boundaries. In the interview with Wozniack Steve Wozniack stated the big issue which is taught in schools and society, "Intelligence in are schools is defined as having the same answer as everyone else(Woniack11:30)." Steve Wozniack basically states that in schools everyone is trained to be on the same train and be a follower. People always say to be different but when you do it gets defined as not intelligent. John Smith Anne Bradstreet Patrick Henry
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