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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Freedom in America is very important,It is the The Backbone and the very quintessential idea of America.Its what gives us the right to live our dreams and accomplish our goals, Its the reason why all of us are here and why people are trying and risking there lives everyday to come to America.Its what our forefathers fought for and its what our military everyday fights to protect. Examples of freedom Freedom of Speech Freedom of Religion Immergration American freedom from British rule Freedom in America Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one's opinions and ideas using one's body and property to anyone. this is very important because we can say what we want and express ourselves, our ideas, and opinions through speech,music,writing and many other ways. One example of freedom of speech is the counter culture movement during the 60's they were expressing there views of the government,society,and the Vietnam war through Music,Writing,and protesting. Freedom of religion is the right for an individual or a group of individuals to have a religion in Private or in public, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observing; the concept is generally recognized also to include the freedom to change religion or not to follow any religion The revolutionary war and the unfair cruelty that England put on the colonist leading up to it fueled the colonist's appetite for freedom which lead to them writing the declaration of Independence which demanded there rights. After wining what they fought for the amendments were wrote so future generations of America would always have there freedom promised and never had to deal what the oppression that the colonist had to deal with. Evidence: Famous speeches/Articles Common Sense-Thomas paine Freedom in Romanticism literature Is a pamphlet that was written in 1776 andwas used by the colonist as inspiration toDeclare and fight for freedom from the BritishEmpire."The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth. "Tis not the affair of a city, a country,aprovince,or a kingdom, but of a continent".-Tohmas paine Because of Freedom won by the colonist, America was a country that allowed freedom's such as freedom of speech,Because of this Writers such as theRomantics could express themselves and not worry about oppression from anyGovernment which was the opposite of europe at the time. Freedom is very much apart of today's literature. its the reason why we can can express ourselves and not get arrested or exacted it is also is the reason why we can even right about what we want to and not have stay between lines. Freedom it is shown in Nicola Sturgeon's last speech before referendumthis shows how in even to days writing even thought its not in america freedom is still a very big and important role in today's literature. For Example "We believe in Independence- that decision about Scotland should be made in Scotland"-Sturgeon. In that Quote it show in Sturgeon's writing that how important freedom is in even today's world. Freedom in todays literature Civil Disobedience-Henry David Thorau Henry David Thoreau was a Transcendentalist which means he believed in self knowledge and freedom, an example of freedom in Thoreau's writing is in civil disobedience when he says"that goverment is best that governs not at all" Reflective After Gathering evidence and researching more on Freedom in America I have came to the conclusion that Freedom is extremely important for America alltogather and literately also Freedom has been shown in writing from the being of American literature and it will continue to be shown throughout time as long as we still are promised what makes us able to write the way we wand, and what makes us Americans.....freedom MISS.ERICKSON I SENT THIS TO eericson@dist228 on friday but you didnt get it so i sent it to and and today
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