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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jainism is a religion that dates back from 6th century B.C.E In India. Impact/Comparison Holy Books Afterlife Jainism . Mahavira Jayanti . Paryushana. Diwali. Kartak Purnima. Mauna Agyaras . Agamas. Digambara Dharama Important Gods Founder ofModern DayJainism Spread of Religion Karma Current Issues The Universe Basic Beliefs Holy Days JainismAfterlife Time Reincarnation The Soul . The soul lasts forever. Each soul is independent. The soul is responsible for what it does. The soul can have consequences. The soul can come out of the cycle of life and death. Not all souls can come out of the cycle (reincarnation) Karma determines the quality of life. A soul has to get rid of all the karma attaches to it. Karma is really bad for you. The less you have the better. Karma works by:bad thinks that you do, attract to your soul and stay there until you behave and act the right way.You also need to have the right state of mind. Deliverance Symbols Symbol Jainism is a religion of no life harm of any kind. People would wear masks so they would not eat or accidentally breathe in bugs. People in the religion seek a cleansoul and understand life itself. People also fast on holy daysto get a clear mind and purify the body and mind. Mahavira Since Jainism people believe in no harm they made a set of rules called Dharama.The rules are:. non-violence. truthfulness. non-stealing. non-aquisition. chaste living . Creator- creator of universe/Earth. Jinas- People who have come out of the cycle of life . The outline of the symbol isthe universe. The raised hand means stopand think before doing an action. The four arms of the swastikameans reincarnation. The three dots are the three jewels. The ark on the top is the adobe of Siddhas Deliverance is the state of being free of all karma. This is also called enlightenment. When deliverance happens, the soul travels to the highest rank at the Adobe of Siddhas (the universe). There the soul has been liberated and stays with all the other enlightened souls. Reincarnation is when the body dies, it's soul travels to another body. The soul will go in that cycle of transferring to another body until the soul is enlightened in deliverence. The major impact that Jainismhad on our world compared to otherreligions is that Jainism gives us asince of what happens when we die.Jainism also teaches us to be kind to others and respect others. Becauseof Jainism, so far there has not been any wars related to Jainism yet. Time is fairly important inJainism. Time is considered as a cycle(or circle) of ups and downs over time. The universe is the highest placeto go when you undergoenlightenment and deliverance.Your soul will be transferred to the Adobe of Saddhas were itwill be with other enlightenedsouls. An important current issue isthat the Jainism religion hasbeen broken into manydivisions and unnecessarysub-sections.The divisionshas created different hostilegroups on religious grounds. The Jainism religion spread byword of mouth and migrationof native people. This all happened in the eighth centuryB.C. in South India. The Role of Women Women can become enlightenedbut, the women would have tobe reincarnated to a man first. Reasons are not listed herebecause as a woman, I think that the reasons are way to extreme and unfair (it causes many fights and arguments). 877-777 B.C.E: Parshva, theearliest Jain leader that can bedated454 B.C.E: Devardhigani completes Jain Agama9th century C.E.: Monolithic statue of Bahubali erected at Shravana beglagola1658 C.E.: Digambara JainLal Mandir temple in Delhiwas built1970: Significance of Jainismin United States1981: First Jain convention inLos Angeles1983: First formal organizationof JAINA2014: Jainism obtains minoritystatus at national level Timeline
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