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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Neon Characteristics of Neon Classification: Neon is a Noble Gas and A Nonmetal Color: Colorless (Unless an electrical currentis flowing through it) Atomic Weight: 20.1797 State (At Room Temperature): Gas Group Number: 10 Period Number: 2 Atomic Number:10 Toxicity: Neon is not known to be toxic Abbreviation: Ne Properties: Neon is a light, very inert gas Stable Compounds: Neon forms no known stablecompounds How Is Neon Like Other Elements In Its GroupAnd Period? Neon is like the other elements in its period because they all have 2 electronshells. Neon is like the other elementsin its group because they all have thesame number of electrons on theouter electron shell. (Called valence electrons) How Is Neon Used In The Real World? -When a few thousand volts are applied to Neon, itemits an orange/ red light-Used in brightly lit advertising signs-Used in warning indicators-Liquid neon is used as a cryogenic refrigerant Detriments Of Neon In Global Society -Used in television tubes Interesting Facts About Neon -Neon was discovered in 1898 by William Ramsayand Morris Travers at University College London-'Neon' is Greek for 'new'-0.0018 percent of Earth's atmosphere is neon-Although it is relatively rare on our planet, neon isthe fifth most abundant element in the universe-Neon forms in stars with a mass of eight or moreEarth suns-Neon has no stable compounds-Neon has the smallest liquid range of any element-Neon is obtained commercially by fractionaldistillation of liquid air Neon can be inhaled because it is normally a gas. Theeffects of inhalation are simple asphyxia. But if it is inextreme quantities, a human would be suffocateddue to lack of oxygen. Also your body could becomeuseless in some way and you could fall into a deadlysituation without being able to defend yourself. If liquidneon were to touch the skin, it would cause frostbite. Physical Detriments Environmental Detriments Neon is a rare atmospheric gas and is non-toxic andchemically inert. Neon poses no threat to theenvironment, because it's chemically unreactive andforms no compounds. Benenfits Of Neon In Global Society Physical Benefits There are no known health benefits of neon, but theelement can be used to make lasers which can beused for some surgeries. Environmental Benefits. There aren't any known environmental benefitsof neon Human Detriments There aren't any human detriments of neon Human Benefits -Neon is used to make signs that stand out so peoplecan easily read them-Neon tubes are used in instruments used to detectelectrical currents-Neon is used to make lasers, which can be used tocut metals and plastic
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