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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4 out of 5 people who are infected with Ebola are killed. How do you know you have Ebola? Sore Throat High Fever Bad Head Ache Stomach Ache Weakness Cough High Rash Red Eyes Diarrehea Scientists believe bats or monkeys are the original holders of Ebola Liberia Nigeria Sierra Leone Guiena Senegal 40% 20% Percentage of cases in what Countries %5 30% 5% The First sighting of Ebola was in 1970. It occurred in the Republic of Congo. The disease has been under the radar until 2014 were there was a huge outbreak were nearly 5000 received the disease. How to avoid getting Ebola Avoid Rubbing your Eyes, after coughing and sneezing.Try to avoid handshakes in areas were Ebola has spread.Drink clean water which is filtered. Three people in america are suspected of having Ebola. Ebola can only be spread through sexual contact and blood transfer. The Virus takes about ten days to take into affect. There is a long term cure, but is not being spread to Africa. Thomas Duncan was suspected of Bringing Ebola to the USA. Cummings, N. (2014, August 28). Ebola could strike 20,00 people. Retrieved August 29, 2014, from The New York Times website: 2014/08/29/world/africa/ebola-outbreak.html?_r=0 Ebola. (2014). In Global Issues in Context Online Collection. Detroit: Gale. Retrieved from dId=GIC&userGroupName=pleasantridge&tabID=&docId=CP3208520461&typ e=retrieve&contentSet=GREF&version=1.0 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. (n.d.). Retrieved August 27, 2014, from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website: ebola/outbreaks/guinea/index.html Has the symptoms where it is spreads. How many deaths there has been so far. By: Vineet Tallavajhala hour 7 The Ebola Outbreak of 2014 infograph
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