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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Clorox Vs. Proctor & Gamble Vs. Church & Dwight Clorox and Proctor & Gamble are consumer cleaning product companies. Clorox established in 1913is most renowned for its sustainable cleaning agent, Clorox Bleach. Procter & Gamble established in1837 is known for brand names such as Ivory Soap, Tide, Dawn and Mr. Clean. Church & Dwightoffer OxiClean, an oxygen based stain fighter thats chlorine free and color safe. Donald R. Knauss Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Clorox Corporation since October 2, 2006. Alan G Lafley Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Procter & Gamble Co. FINANCIALS HOUSEHOLD BRANDS Market Segments Clorox Net Sales for 2014 are expected to be $5591 million. P&G predicted Net Sales for 2014 are $83,062 million CLX $95.64 PG $84.58 30% of PG's portfolio is household cleaning products 32% of Clorox's portfolio is household cleaning products $ per share For the last century, Clorox has been an integral part of American households. Tide has long been known for its best in class cleaning performance. Most of Clorox's products are advertised and sold in the United States to wholesalers, retail stores, and grocery stores. P&G's products are sold worldwide primarily through mass merchandisers, grocery stores, membership club stores, drug stores, and neighborhood stores.. Procter & Gamble defined many of the marketing strategies which we now take for granted. It was the first company to advertise nationally direct to consumers (in 1880) and it literally createdthe concept of "soap opera" by sponsoring radio and television dramas targeting women.. Clorox Company advertises in many of the same ways,through television, radio and newspaper coupons. Their marketing strategy is focusing on the healthy benefits of their product.. Procter and Gamble has a strong presence in the global market.In 2009, PG generated 61% of its total sales in international markets.. Strengths & Weaknesses Advertising Household staples are somewhat protected fromthe US recession and global economic downturn.However, in a recession consumers often turn to cheaper private label or store brands instead of"brand name" products. In the past decade, there has been stiff competition from private label brands or "store brands" of large retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and supermarket chains. . Strengths Weaknesses Did you know..................................At one point during the 20th century, Clorox was purchased by Procter and Gamble, but due to concerns over market monopolization, Procter and Gamble sold Clorox and it is again a stand-alone company. . Clorox has very strong brand Recognition.Competition in the Household and Personal Products is exceptionallystiff, yet Clorox maintains its domination of the bleach category with 65% U.S market share under its highly recognized Clorox Brand.. James R. CraigieChairman and Chief Executive OfficerChurch & Dwight Co., Inc.Director since 2004. CHD $69.37 CHD predicted Net Sales for 2014 are $815 million The Consumer Domestic segment includes power brands, such asARM & HAMMER and Oxi Clean. Church & Dwight has approximately 17% of sales in foreign countries As the world's largest producer and marketerof sodium bicarbonate-based products, Church& Dwight advertise promoting quality, value and safety.. Church & Dwight's ARM & HAMMER brand is one of the nation'smost trusted trademarks for a broad range of consumer and specialty products developed from the base of bicarbonate.. Arm & Hammer is a trusted trademark.
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