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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Probability doesn't care for bias. 3 points why RS got it completely wrong. The Love Jihad argument of Rupa Subramanya against NDTV I am Einstein's clone! (or there is Love Jihad) RS NDTV There is nothing 'to suggest' that! BJP equivalent There is nothing 'not to suggest' that!NDTV misleading. After 'some analysis', thereis nothing 'tosuggest' that! 1 Yo! :) 29% Muslims 36%rapes Can't you see the basicproportionality RS? Thissmall sample (8 monthdata, 334 cases) cannot even produce a basic Standard Deviation for analysis, let alone 'show' that Muslims have a higher propensity for rape. (Need many years' data for that!). Such a fluctuation over a small sample is very normal. ASK SOMEONE WHO'S BEEN EVE TEASED. RAPISTS DON'T CHECK RELIGIONS BEFORE THEIR ACTS. 2 69% Hindus 64%rapes This is probably the winner from RS. So lets make this interesting for all. She claims Muslim men have twice the propensity as Hindu men to rape (according to her analysis of NDTV data).Solve this problem!Q. Do your own math, you have to calculate the number of a) Hindu rapists raping Muslim women in Meerutb) Muslim rapists raping Hindu women in MeerutAssumptions:1. There are only 1000 women and 1000 men in Meerut. (approx 50-50%)2. 10% of all men rape (irrespective of religion).3. Hindus are 70% and Muslims are 30% (rounding off)4. Men rape without seeing the religion of the other person. SOLUTION BELOW FOR THE LESS TECHNICALLY MINDED - 300 Muslim men - 30 of them rape- 21 are Hindu women (70% Hindu)- 9 are Muslim women (30% Muslim)Ans for b) 21 - 700 Hindu men - 70 of them rape- 21 are Muslim women(30% Muslim)- 49 are Hindu women(70% Hindu)Ans for a) 21 You can reach me with comments on twitter on @ohkshitij © faasla 3 Actual stats from the limited dataa) 23b) 25NOW IF THIS IS NOT APPROXIMATELY EQUAL, WHAT IS!
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