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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Congress shall have the power to enfore this article by appropriate legislation Great What? The 13th Amendment Windows Linux Student Government Math Counts Coach Mac OS Blue Key Activities Tau Beta Pi Travel Interests Number of Countries Traveled Number of Internships Completed Niether slavery nor involuntary servitude,except as punishment forcrime where the party exsist in the US or any place subject to their jurisdiction Passed by congress January 31st, 1865 Ratified December 6th, 1865 Passed by Abraham Lincon the Sixteenth Presidentof the United States of America Why? This act was made to abolish slavery & was passed immediately after the civil war. The Thirteenth Amendment affected slave who were not yet freed by the emancipation proclamation. Which freed only those slaves who lived behind confederate lines, and not yet under union control. Who? Abraham Lincoln and his son in Virginia being welcomed by freed slaves. Where? Several states had eradicated slavery due to the thirteenth amendment, these pictures show Abraham Licoln in the streets of Richmond, Virginia Licoln riding through Richmond, Virgina on April 4th, 1865 To the Right is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. In honor of our sixteenth president. THE LEGACY THE LEGACY The thirteenth amendment was founded to eradicate slavery, or involuntary servitude. This amendment was pass early 1865 and was ratified in December of 1865, which was right after our Civil War had happened. This amendment freed slaves and with a comparison from the 1860 census to the census on 1870; the population in each state doubles and for the first time in the history of the United States all men and families in slavery were counted as independent free people.
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