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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 13 REASONS WHY Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen, Justin Foley, Alex Standall, Jessica Davis, Tyler Down, Courtney Crimson, Marcus Cooley, Zach Dempsey, Ryan Shaver, Jenny Kurtz, Bryce Walker, Mr. Porter, and Tony. Hannah Baker was an innocent girl in high school that was teased because of rumors, causing her to commitsuicide. Clay Jensen comes home from school one day and sees a box with his name on it. He opens it and discovers 13 different tapes, in which Hannah is describes why she did what she did and that Clay is one of the reasons. Throughout the story he discovers and realizes things that he never did before when she was alive. At the end of all the tapes he has to make a decision on whether to send out the tapes to the others that Hannah said was a reason or to leave them be. Main Character Author Jay Asher Date of Publication 2007 This image represents Hannah Baker, in the parkwhich she explains in the story, that she likes parksbecause she had a dream of her and her crush, having theirfirst kiss at a park. Major Themes Ignorance, SuicideMemoriesRegret, GuiltRevengeGossip, Betrayal Conflict The conflict in the story is that Clay Jensen,loves the girl that died -Hannah Baker- and feelsguilty that he couldn't help her. Exposition The setting is mostly at Clay Jensen's house, in his room.Then it takes places at various places that Hannah describes in the tapes, with other people, such as their high school, a small café and a students house that had the party, that Hannah met Clay at. Favorites My favorite moment is when she gets to the reasoning on why Clay is in the tapes and she just wants to tell him howmuch she liked him. How he was the only one that really caredthat moment was the best to me. Favorite Quote withCorrect Citation "I hardly knew Hannah, I wanted to though.. I wanted the chanceto get to know her.. We never had the chance to get closer and now once did I take advantage of her. Not once." -Clay Jensen
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