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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kayla Kiser Henry Moseley About Henry Henry was known as Harry. Born November 23, 1887. His father was Henry Nottidge Moseley, he was a professor of anatomy and physiology, he wanted to do something more exciting so he became a naturalist and joint the HMS Challenger for four years, there he studied the ocean bottoms and wrote about his experience, he died at age 47 due to cerebral sclerosis. His mother Amabel Gwyn-Jeffers Moseley was a Mollusc Bioloogist. His family was rich and aristocratic and had a lot of famous scientists in the family. Henry was the youngest of three, his eldest sister died at age 16, his second sister became his closest friend and confidante. Moseley died August 10, 1915 while in action in Gallipolli, Turkey. EDUCATION He went to a private elementary school, Summer Fields, there he took a competition exam and at age 13 he won a kings scholarship to Eton College He discovered that there are atomic numbers for each known element.Moseley figured out that certain lines in the x-Ray spectrum of each element moved the same amount each time you increased the atomic number by one. Which explains the periodic table, he also discovered the atomic battery. He was admitted into Oxford's Trinity College in 1906 where he got his second class honors degree in physics He went to the University of Manchester in 1910 and learned with Rutherford and his research group DISCOVERIES
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