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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Royal Bank of Canada is a bank which explores the personal financial services and products that RBC offers to individual clients in Canada( For example, they will loan you money if you need. The Royal bank was funded in 1864 and now 73,498 people are working for it, and last year their total profits are C$ 9,000,000,000( Manulife Financial is a leading Canada-based financial services with principal operations in Asia, Canada, and the United States( It was funded in 1887, 84,000 people are working in this organization now, last year they made a profit which was C$1736,000,000. The corporation is a Canadian insurance company and it provides financial services( Loblaw companies is the largest food retailer which was funded in 1919 in Canada and the company encompasses 1,000 corporate and franchise supermarkets. It operates a private label program that includes grocery and household items, clothing, baby products, pharmaceuticals, cellular phones and so on. The numbers of employees are 135,000( It earned $166 million in its last year( Telus is Canadian national telecommunications company ( and provides Wireless and Internet services across Canada ( It was funded in 1990 and now it has 43,400 employees and last year it made CAD$12.1 billion. Canadian Oil Sands Trust is a Canadian company which was funded in 1978 that generates income from its oil sands investment in the Syncrude Joint Venture. It operates an oil sands facility and products crude oil through the mining of oil sands. In 2014, the total income was 3.912 billion CAD( Quebecor World is a commercial and industrial printing company which was funded in 1954 and now it has 43,000 employees. It leaders in telecommunications, entertainment, new media and culture( Last year, it earned $19.4 million in total( Canada's largest companies
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