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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Engineering Design Process Step 1stating a problem in 3-5 sentences using questionslike Who? What? When? Why?. Step 2Brainstorming ideas first by visualizing then sketching them. Step 3Research ideas andexplore all the possibilitiesand cross reference to identifyany problems in the past. Step 4Criteria and Constraints.Criteria is your guidelinesand Constraints are your limitations. Step 5Always consider alternative solutionsexcept new ideas and don't let anything or anyone limityour ideas. Step 6Selecting a approachpicking the best solutionbased on your criteria andconstrants. Step 7Written Design Proposalyour plan of action includinga detailed drawing plus the materials your going to need. Step 8Make a Model and a PrototypeA model is called a mock upit is a non-functioning representation.A prototype is a functioning final solution that can be used for testing and evaluation. Step 9Test and Evaluate Test your product, finalize the result of the product, thenevaluate what went wrong and make it correct. Step 10Refine And ImproveUse your data and change what went wrong. Step 11Create/Make ProductThe finial product after you've made all the correctionsfrom your testing resultson what was wrong. Step 12 Communicate the Results Summarize all your work such as your problem statements,design proposal, and your evaluationmethods.
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