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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 12 Step Design Process 1 Define the problem When defining the problem youshould indicate the who,what, when and how.This should be about 3-5 sentences. 2 Brainstorming solutions Right down and sketch all of your ideas. Use the rules ofbrainstorming.- Have 1 conversation at a time.-Encourage ideas that you would not usually use, ideasthat are different.- Build on all of your ideas, don'tjust use one. 3 Research ideas Identify how the problem was different in the past.Use mathematicsor science knowledge that you have to solve the problem. 4 Specify constraints and identify criteria Follow your guidelinesKnow your limitations Use the constraints andcriteria to help solvethe problem. 5 Consider alternative solutions Stay open-mindedDon't shut new ideas downCompare all of your designideas 6 Selecting an approch To determine the best solution a trade-off will most likely beinvolved. A decision matrix chart is a simpleand easy way to chart your proposedsolutions. 7 Develop a written design proposal -Develop your plan of action-Know your who,what, when, where, and how-Have sketches, detailed drawing,time frame, materials, description, anda plan. 8 Make a model/prototype - Make a daily journal, record everything that youdid that day.Mock up- presentation of your product that doesnot function.Prototype- Your final solutionit can be used for testing andevaluating. 9 Test and evalute Ask yourself- What am i testing?-What was the result?-Evaluation of everything,How you changes it tomake it better. 10 Refine/Improve Changing your product to makeit better than what it was before. 11 Create/make product Final product 12 Summarizing your workShow people your product and get feedback from them Communicate the result
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