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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 12 step design! Step Two is to Brain Storm! Make sure you keep thinking, and use pictures! Step one! Find The Problem Step Five Consider Alternet Ideas! Step one is to find and define your problem! has to be 2-5 sentences. Step Two! Brain Storm Step Three! Research the Problem. Step Four Identify the Criteria. Identify the criteria! Find and follow your guidelines, you could use the internet, or books to find your guidelines. Identify your Criteria, and Guidelines. you can use the internet or books to find it, After you've found it, follow it! To continue, if you're in a group you must ask for everyone's opinion on the subject. Be Open-Minded! You can't be self-centered, your groups opinionmatters as much as yours does! Research possibilitiesabout the problem and find moreinformation and ideas! Step Six! Select an Approach! (a.k.a the decision matrix) Write out your ideas and chartthem, Remember, the scale should be from 1-3 or more. Step Seven! Develop a written Design Proposal! Your written design proposalmust contain details about yourproject. Be Specific! Step Eight! Make a Model or Prototype! Make a model or Prototype for your project. Remember! a Model should just look like your project, Models don't function!If you're making a Prototype for your project, then it shouldfunction! Your Prototype should also be your finale solution! After making a Prototype youshould Test your results! Make sure to write down what happened! Step Ten! Refine or Improve! After testing your Prototype you must Improve your project! Step Eleven! Create! After you've improved your project, it's time to Create it! Be Creative! Step Twelve! Communication! Ask about your project, was it good? Would people like it? Is it efficient? Lillith Kuhn
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