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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The 12 joys of theTfEL PILOT 2014 Murraylands Partnership 8 partnership schools- students, staff & parents attend Guy Claxton PD. A few of the impacts so far, MPS site plan, changes to parent thinking and questions and MBHS PLC. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all staff and students. I have appreciated all opportunities to learn and work with you;and look forward to strategically continuing the work into 2015. individual responses to SA TfEL research findings, i.e changes in practice- relationship rescue Cross site Student Learning Community involving 4 PSis trialled Secondary staff and students participate in Dan Meyer PD,leading to some changes in thinking and teaching and learning practice Engagement modules trialled withMCC R-12 staff Students with opportunities to be researchers,advocates, teachers, evaluators,decision-makers, planners/designers 100s of R-10 students across 5 sites participate in ELLI survey- insights to inform 2015 MBHS newsletter pieces includepages with international research alongside contributions by students and staff Year 10students co-plan and facilitate staff PD on mindsets Teachers, students and SSOs explore and make use of the TfEL Compass PS and HS staffimplement 21C LDrubrics intolearning and curriculum after PD with Joan Dalton Powerful learning and pedagogic shift through year 4/5 feedback ninjas Local Partnerships TfEL PILOT Leader : Mikelle Miegel email :
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