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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10.) Refine/Improve 12 Step Design Process 1.) Define the Problem - What, Who, When, How-Short and Descriptive- 3-5 Sentences 2.) Brainstorm Solutions When with a group:-Don't have many conversations happening at the same time- Be creative- Build on your partners ideas 3.) Research Ideas/Explore Possibilities - Identify similar problems from the past- Identify mathematical and scientificknowledge that you can use to solve theproblem 4.) Specify Constraints/Identify Criteria - Make you sure you know the restrictionsthat you have to follow- Document the important criteria 5.) Consider Alternative Solutions - Stay Open Minded- Compare your ideas to the criteria- Determine if solutions solvethe problem 6.) Select an Approach The "Best Solution" should:- Include Trade-offs- Match up with the problem- Meet the criteria 7.) Develop a Written Design Proposal - Make a plan of action- Include a description and pictures- Include how the product will be madeand evaluated 8.) Make a Model/Prototype -Conceptual: use language or graphsto convey meaning-Mathematical: use mathematical languageto show the purpose-Physical: 3-D models representingthe solution 9.) Test and Evaluate - Record and analyze your results- Fix the design problems that you discovered while testing -Use the data collected from the test-continue to improve the designthroughout the process-record improvementsin journal 11.) Create Product -Represent revisions made-Reflect the refinements 12.) Communicate Results -Summarize the final results-Answer why you picked thefinal solution
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