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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOW TO TAKE NOTES BY EDDIE GREDVIG 1. Go to class preparedIn order to be neat you should use a three- ring binder so that pages can be easily removed and don't rip. You can insert your own out-of-class notes. in the correct order. Bring highlighters to class. Instructors will frequently make comments like, "This is an important concept". This direct clue will be on an exam. Highlighting notes will help remind you later that this is definitely something you need to know. Make notations about material and previous class notes before class. Make notations about concepts you don't understand. Look up problems that your struggling on after class. You will understand more things on tests or quiz es if your prepared and have studied. 3. Develop a note taking method that works for you.Every time you have a different lecture start on a new page and write the date and number the page. Write on one side of the paper only and keep the pages in order by each lesson. If you have questions on a lesson, leave a blank spaces so you can add comments for the instructor. To add notes faster you can use phrases. You can also use abbreviations and symbols to make it easier. Note things that you don't understand. Then you can look them up on the internet later. 2. Improve your listening skills.When you first get to class act positive and think " This is the last place I want to be today". Make effort to pay attention and stay focus. Concentrate on concentrating. Adapt to whatever direction a lecture takes. Try not to zone out because if an instructor is teaching about something that's going to be on a test and your zoned out, thinking about something else then you will miss to write down the notes. 4. Play close attentionIf you don't know what or how much to write down is hard. That is why you can rely on some of the following tips. You could put details, facts, or explanations that give and explain the main points. You can put definitions and examples of problems. 5. Review and edit your notes.Its important to study your notes the day before you have a test. circle words or phrases that you don't understand so you can look them up for a test. It is a good idea to always edit with a different colored pen so its easier to know which part has been editing writing. Highlight things that you don't understand to remind you to tell a teacher. compare notes with a textbook to see if there the right answers.Also consider rewriting your notes if they don't seem right.
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