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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Good Kinh nghim lm vic Kinh nghim làm vic That's me Languages Skills Languages -Skills 01/2013 03/2013: - Introducing and consulting customer about the services.- Conducting and supporting to customers.- Arranging and storing paperwork and documents.- Making payments and receipt vouchers.- Collecting and packing currency.- Experience in customer service skills and telephone.- Filling, scanning, faxing, printing, photocopying, mailing, e-mailing documents. August, 2013 January, 2014: Internship at HSBC - Uploading documents, forms on internet and intranet.- Making survey about credit card of other banks: informations, services, promotions... - Making report about transaction credit card.- Handling with data.- Making and repairing forms. English: FairVietnamese: Good Languages Skills - Adept at using Microsoft Office, Internet and email. - Integrity, reliability and commitment. - Creativity, passion and interest in challenging work. - Adept at leading and directing a group to reach the targets. - Ability and confidence to work independently and to tight deadlines. - A wide degree of creativity and latitude. - Ambition and responsibility for job. - Capable to learn, adapt and make progress. Extracurricular activities - Member of the Tinh Thuong club.- Contributors of the Big edu company - Participation in the school-wide activities - Participate actively volunteered Supporting Examination Season in 2012 and 2013- Participate actively, excellent soldier volunteered Green Summer 2012 campaign June, 2011 June 2014 Thc tp sinh ti Ngân hàng Sacombank
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