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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] 1. Define the problem The most important step, should allow you to think of a problem that has a reasonable solution Who? What? When? How? 2. Brainstorming After you define the problem you should be creative and make an invention that willl make the issue easier or better. Have a discussion with other people. Build off others ideas. Be creative! 3. Research Get background ideas,Look for any similar productslike yours. Check past inventions that mightbe similar to your own. 4. Constriants Know your limits and guidelines. Know your budget! 5. Alternative Solution Consider other ideas by sharing them with otherpeople and seeing what they like. Combine ideas. 6. Approch Pick the top three ideas,these should the the ones that you believe will have the best outcome. 7. Written Design Propsal It should be your plan in a written form. Make desicion matrix. Plan. Your goals. Descriptions & sketches Time frame. 8. Prototype Make a 3-D representationthat moves and showsexactly how it works. Prototype not mock up. 9. Test and Evalutate Test your product and record results. Make the product better if the results show it needs it. 10. Refine & Improve Change what you didntlike while you tested and evaluated your product.. Tell why you changed it. 11. Make Final Product This will be your last and final making of the product. Make it the best you can! 12. The results You should look at results after the final making to make sure you picked the best decision. Over all summery,of what you did.
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