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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Instructional Leads Dual Language Study Groups: Leadership of School wide initiatives-Inter-visitation/coaching-Collaborative conversations -Differentiation-Intervention for ELLs-Word study for ELLs Building Capacity through Collaborative Professional Learning Communities -expertise-student achievement-teacher pedagogy -Literacy/Math Leadership-Lead grade meetings/ planning-Build content and expertise-Peer mentors Other ProfessionalLearning Opportunities Supports literacy and language development in both languages for diverse learners-Native language word study grades K-12-Collaborative peer to peer conversations-ASD dual langauge research group-Scaffolding ELL vocabulary PS 112 Data Driven Research Application Reflection/Assessment Model Teachers: Monday Study Groups: teacher interest and student need -Inner resilience-RtI-Behavior intervention-Integrating inquiry into curriculum-Unpacking the ccls in math-Planning instruction School wide Inquiry:Deepening Oral Language Development and Questioning-Learning Partners-Inter-Visitations to Dual Language Schools-Study Groups: Standford Instructional Focus -Integrating CCLS into instruction-Teacher College Writing analysis and application-Metamorphosis-Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Support-Response to Intervention for ELLs-Building Capacity of Parents at PS 112Jose Celso Barbosa created by Dana Wattenberg
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