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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Current status 2014 Currently I am a full time GEAstudent. From 2014 September to2015 April. The purpose's hereis to fix my poor grammar problemsI have EAP330 now and EAP500next term. I can see my improvements. The purpose in college The purpose that I attending in college is toImprove my English skills and to get a diplomaas well. As far as I concerned, My English skill is not complete, And a college diploma is the keyto be success in the future! And about what do Ireally want to gain from my effort? I guess I am not someone who have a big embissions, I just want successful graduate from Seneca and successful translate my credits to University of York. About GPADepending on my situation, I would like to get 3.4 whenI finish all terms Plan of my learning life. Plan of my learning life. situations in 2015 In the summer of 2015.The good news is I willjumped into my professionmajor called Creative Advertising.As known as CAB program.It will cost almost two years.4 semesters. Locked in Markhamcampus. 2015 September to 2016 I am pretty enjoy the creative advertising instead of normallyadvertising. According to my researches, I will learn severalthings in advertising area.Advertising Insights 2 Introduction to Advertising Design and Layout 3 Effective Communication and Presentation 3 Introduction to Copywriting 3 Advertising Principles and Practices 2 Introduction: Integrated Marketing and Communication 3 College English 3 Perception and Communication I am excited about what I will gonna to learn. schedule of 2016 to 2017 schedule of 2016 to 2017 Desktop Publishing I Advertising Campaign Concept Development Advertising Media Planning Integrated Marketing Communications II Copywriting for Broadcast Media Introduction to Advertising Research EAC394 Effective Business Writing Schedule of the end of Seneca Fortunately, if everything goes well, I will graduate from SenecaThen I will face two options. The first is to transfer my credits to the university of York. The secondchoice is to find a job in china orCanada. However I am sure I willkeep studying in the future. Becausein the field of advertising. We have to complete ourselves. Harder and Harder, Learn more to make sureI can handle every creative ads. My dream After graduate from Seneca Collegeand York university. My dream isto joint a local advertising companywith great workmates and boss.I can find my own values in the company.The company is called "one"which located in downtown. Ilike to work in downtown. Thewebsite address is About transfer to York Program code: CABYSeneca college and York University offer a joint program Which allows students to earn a Seneca diplomain Creative advertising and a YorkUniversity bachelor of arts degree.This program is for students who havecompleted two years of a B.A program,or three years of an honors B.A. programat York University. About other deatils About other deatils The resources that I can use inSeneca is Learning center and Library. Learning center is reallyuseful to some students like meI can find some tutorial there to teach me how to fix my grammarmistakes otherwise I can find someone there to teach me computer.And about the things that might changemy decision is my marks. If my GPAis not high enough, I will stay in Senecainstead of joint U of York.