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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 use the internet how generations Nowadays almost everyone is connected to the internet.But the internet is used is many different ways, and a lot of that use is determined by your generation. What are people using to connect? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Millennials Generation X Younger Boomers Older Boomers Silent Blue = Cell phonePink = DesktopYellow = LaptopPurple = E-readerOrange = Tablet Generations:Millennials (age 18-34)Generation X (age 35-46)Younger Boomers (age 47-56)Older Boomers (age 57-65)Silent (age 66-74) Millennials are the only generation more likely to use a laptop than desktop! Only 4% of adults use tablet computers. Although generations may use the same devices to connect, they use them in very different ways! % of Generations that use Email:Millennials: 96%Generation X: 94%Young Boomers: 91%Older Boomers: 93%Silent: 90% % of Generations that get their news online:Millennials: 76%Generation X: 79%Young Boomers: 76%Older Boomers: 76%Silent: 67% % of Generations that useSocial Networking:Millennials: 83%Generation X: 62%Young Boomers: 50%Older Boomers: 43%Silent: 34% % of Generations that Bank online:Millennials: 62%Generation X: 62%Young Boomers: 58%Older Boomers: 56%Silent: 44% And the Internet isn't the only way we use our devices differently! While 85% of adults own a cell phone, the activities we do vary a bit. % of Generations that use send/receive text messages:Millennials: 94%Generation X: 83%Young Boomers: 68%Older Boomers: 49%Silent: 27% % of Generations that use theirphone to go online:Millennials: 63%Generation X: 42%Young Boomers: 25%Older Boomers: 15%Silent: 17% % of Generations that use theirphone to listen to music:Millennials: 61%Generation X: 36%Young Boomers: 18%Older Boomers: 10%Silent: 7% % of Generations that use their phoneto take pictures:Millennials: 91%Generation X: 83%Young Boomers: 78%Older Boomers: 60%Silent: 50% Sources:Zickuhr, K. (2010, December 16). Generations 2010. Retrieved from, K. (2011, February 3). Generations and their gadgets. Retrieved from
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