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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Copyright 2014 PR Matters | When they cando everything but there's justno depth to it. Where loafers come from. They'll never reach for the stars with you because they're too lazy hanging about at tree-level. Worse than loafers, however, because they have poor vision so areincapable of seeing whereyou're going or should begoing. SPINMERCHANTS NIT PICKERS They may have ethics, heart and mind, butthey want to debate minutiae so endlessly that it's exhausting and counter-productive. LOAFERS The walking dead ofPR. No heart, no passion. It's PRwithout a soul. How can you tell if you have soulless PR? Easy: eyes are the window of the soul, right? So if you stare intently into their eyes and see only the back of their head: voila! Stay clear! Toxic PR is so bad because of fall-out from their sheerincompetence. You and your reputation will need adecontamination showerAND crisis comms to recover(you hope). Love YouMORE! ALL HEART Lots of heart, good will and sincerity, but no brains. Sadly, PR can't only be about the love. Thinking matters, too. They'll get back to you on that ... eventually. (But they won't, or at least not without lots of chasingbecause they're lazy buggers.) Kiss-kiss, mwah, mwah. It's absolutelylovely darling, but this type of PR isjust so fake. 10 'PR' Types to Avoid Like the Plague The worst of the worst. They are the bringers of death to truthand the plague bearers of spin. This type doesn't blink an eye at doinganything underhand and is happy to suggest it.They work for vested interests, the greedy, the power-mongers, the rightly despised anddespicable. They're all for deniability, lying, distortion, misrepresentation,and scapegoating. In otherwords, it's not PR - it's the evil known as SPIN. Watch your back as they carry knives. SOULLESS TOXIC SLOTH If it looks like it, smells like it, talks like it and then charges like it, then yes: it's bullshit PR. BULLSHIT double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to change this header text! SHALLOW
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