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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 26% of coalresources lost ANALYTICS GOALS OVERVIEW 3. Impact 4. Source 03, February 2015 Daily Report Most viewed page was the home page with 15K views This equals 46% of overall views Pageviews have decreased since yesterday Bounce rate has risen and overall visits and views have decreased 1. Key Pages 2. Social Media 4. Source 1. Key Pages Social media following has seen a steady increase across the board Overall engagement has decreased On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G+ audience grew by 4% to 221K between Feb 1 -2 Photos are most engaging content type 2. Social Media 3. Impact 45% of visitors used a mobile device to view content  45% used desktops More pages are viewed on desktop per session Desktop sessions last longer than those on tablet and mobile iv. iii. v. ii. Youtube: 03.02.15 - 1385 subscribers 78% of AlArab's YouTube channel comments occur on videos that are less than one day old Comment volume on channel declines at an average daily rate of 26% per day after a video is posted As of 03.02.15, we had 53.3K Twitter followers, compared to 44.5K on 02.02.15 Instagram: 3692 followers 3583 yesterday TOP FIVE PAGES 02.02.15 Pageviews of most visited pagedecreased by 47% views versus yesterday 17K total website sessions 14.5K were unique users 1.3K sessions at peak time -20.00 4K sessions where users spent longer than a minute 33K pageviews in total 67% new users 66% bounce rate 2. 06 secs average session duration 1.9 average pages viewed per session Snapshot, February 03 2015: Pageviews - 33K Unique Pageviews - 26K Avg. time on page - 2 mins 18 s Entrances -17K Bounce Rate - 66% % Exit - 52% Decrease from previous day Mobile App: i. KEY TERMS Session: The period time a user is actively engaged with your website, app, etc. New Sessions: An estimate of the percentage of first time visits Bounce Rate: The % of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page) Pageviews: Total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted Page Engagement: The number of people who engaged with the page, includes any click or action such as comments and shares Impressions: Number of times company updates have been viewed, the change is compared to the previous period (previous day) Engagement: The total number of times people have clicked, commented on or shared an update Retweets peaked at 228 between 22.00 - 23.00 vs.700 the previous day between 17.00 - 18.00 Mentions peaked at 79 between 23.00 - 12.00 vs348 the previous day between 23.00 - 12.00 - To illustrate how the channel is performing at a micro level - To identify trends and trending content for the News/ Editorial teams- To illustrate what strategies are successful in reaching our audience and in creating engaging content on a daily basis- To guide prompt responses and create timely content depending on what is trending Across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G+: Audience grew by 4% to 221k between Feb 2 and Feb 3 149 outbound posts were made between Feb 2 and Feb 3 with an average of 38.6 engagements per post Twitter accounted for the most audience growth, with 7K new followers added. However, YouTube is the fastest-growing channel, with 16% subscriber growth Posts were the most engaging content type 100% of all organic brand mentions were made on Twitter Top 5 posts on Instagram: Sessions: 2.4K sessions compared to 6.4 the previous day Active Users: 1.5K active users compared to 2.7K the previous day An active user is defined as a user that has had a session with your application on a specified day New users: 334 new users compares to 1K the previous day A new user is a user who has just started using your application. Users are identified by unique phone IDs Session length: 53 secs compared to 53.4 secs the previous day  The session length is defined as the length of time between the start application event and the end application  Website: On average, 48% of visitors used mobile to view content 51% of these mobile users were new sessions 45% used desktops 68% of those using desktops were new sessions More pages are viewed on desktop per session Desktop sessions last almost three times longer than those on tablet and mobile Decrease from previous day The most visited page was the home page with 15K views It had 11K unique views which was 46% of overall views Average time spent on home page was approx 3 mins - 35 secs higher than average time on site Articles are beginning to appear in top 5 pages as opposed to just the home page and company information Programs has moved down a place but continues to stay in the top 5 pages Desktop Tablet Mobile Of 17K sessions, there were 14.5K unique users Visitors viewed on avg. 1.9 pages per visit Average visit duration was 2 mins 6 secs There were 66% new sessions Visitors and sessions decreased since previous day
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