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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Letsjoin Social Media Network Newsletter Organic Search Northern-branded application IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Northern is an On-line Aplication Blog Blog Letsjoin The BLOG will be used to:Drive traffic to our Application letsjoin.comIncrease SEO/ SERPDevelop better users relationships.We will be Updating Partial Articles' Content to and linking full content on to application To increase Letsjoin Brand Recognition/ loyalty converting into traffic to Online Application Marketing CostsControl users experiences and Insights on Lothian buses and Trams Lothian-branded application on Northern Stations and Trains Social Media Network We need to create an Application On-line which will be named as letsjoin.comThis application will be accessed from outside users The domain of the current business website needs to be changed from - to - We need to develop a new BLOG as wordpress will NOT have FTP access to our files. Newsletter (Awareness) To increase awareness and understanding of Letsjoin services.(Expertise) To demonstrate expertise and build confidence in Letsjoin as a potential WIFI supplier. (Promotion) To promote products and services or launch new services.(Contact) To communicate with users throughout the process if Letsjoin faces a decision-making process.(Coverage) To capture contact details of new prospects by asking visitors to sign up. LetsJoin Analytics Report to summarize the important data about how users reached the website, Audience Overview, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions.The report will be done:Weekly ComparisonMonthly Comparison3 Months Comparison6 Months ComparisonYearly Comparison Users Direct Online Application
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