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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 50% In 1870 European advance in tropical,transportation, and technology made it possible to explore different continent The Scramble Of Africa The start of the scrambleof Africa 1890 The start of the scramble forAfrica, a trade called the Berlinact was passed in europe saying that they maketake part of Africa and turn change them in to their society, theirculture, and industrialized Africa Berlin Conference. If the congolies gavebad rubber the Europeanchop the right hands ofthe congolies Berlin Act of 1885, europeansgot together to talk about takingover africa by different parts ofeuropean industrialization in africa the damages Leopold's regimehad caused to the population toshrink by somewhere between 15% & 50%estimate 2 to 15 million congolese The Return On Rubber Berlin Conferenceis a group of Europeanthat gettogetherto talk about the take over of Africa.The continent of Africa was divided betweenEuropean rulers Infrastructure This was the time when Europeansmade buildings, publicwork, and railroads inAfrica 1800's their were nothoughts for thecomplexity of african culturesor for the careof the naturalenviroment Number of people Leopold kill in the regime 3 Major events 1870 Berlin Act, Trade forAfrica 1885 1897 the congo state soldiers attackedthe village of bandakea Wijiko because the rubber their was the best quality. Across the continent Europeanlanguages, religionphilosophy, science and infrastructure developed.
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