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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Canadian 5 Economic Goals How Will These Goals Be Met? 1 Environmental Stewardship Expansion Of Canada's National Park System Government Spending = Injections Tourists 2 Full Employment Canada Job Grant Train new or existing employees for jobs that need to be filled. Filling MoreJob Spots Bring Us Closer To FullEmployment. 6-7% ContinuingEducation Help Further Canadian's Education = HumanPotential & Increase in Production Possiblites 3 Increased Productivity & Effiency The Automotive Innovation Fund ecoENERGYInnovation Initiative Build and innovative, greener and more fuel-efficient vehicles Productive Resources Less Natural ResourcesBeing Used (Fuel) $250 million over five years to support automotive firms. = Less ScarityOf Fuel Innovate energy technology to produce and useenergy morecleanly and efficiently Increase Efficiency& how Effective thetechnology is = Increase inreal capital 4 Economic Growth Investing $391.5 million over five years Tax Treaties Taxes CleanTransportationInitiative Reduce Green House Gases Improved ecosystem and human health Productive Efficiency Environmental Stewardship FullEmployment IncreasedProductivity&Effiency EconomicGrowth $192 million per year for the next six years.(March 2014) $19 million over two years The Grant will be introduced by negotiating renewal of the $500-million-per-year Canadajob grant Investing $70 million over three years to support5,000 more paid internships. $268 million over five years (2011-2016) Foreign Trade Expansionary Fiscal Policy- In Taxes- In Spending Supporting the deployment of more efficient systems at Canadian ports and terminals. $5 Million $48 Million 5 Reduced Public Debt Tariff Relief Small Businesses Canadian Products ReducedPublic Debt Prices Consumption Increase in AD More Spending = More Taxes = Balanced Budget $76 million of tariff relief on baby clothing and sports and athletic equipment . $2 billion in tax relief . Who Is Affected? Who Is Affected? Who Is Affected? Who Is Affected? Who Is Affected? - Citizens- Employees- Businesses - Small / Big Businesses- Employers- Non-Skilled Workers- Uneducated Workers- Students - Consumers- Tourists- Foreign Traders - Businesses- Consumers- Employees- Unemployed Workers - Employees- Consumers- Businesses - Foreign Traders Cut the GST from 7% to 5%;
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