Five Fashion-centric Infographics

From beards to makeup brushes, there’s a lot of confusion about best practices for looking your best. Beauty magazines and so-called “health and wellness” product boxes often muddy the waters. Most people don’t need 200 tips and a few dozen tricks; they just need to know where and how to shave, or what kind of brush to use.

Infographics are great as one-page cheat sheets, and the ones below prove that.

11 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Not only does this infographic show nearly a dozen ways to wear your scarf (I didn’t know there were more than two), it also tells you what kind of scarf and weather conditions the styles are ideal for.

10 Hair Facts

Did you know your hair grows faster when you’re expecting to have sex? You won’t find that fun fact below, but there are a few interesting tidbits. Unfortunately, this infographic doesn’t do much beyond the written facts – the pictures are stylistically consistent, but relatively pointless, and the text itself could use an editor. Still, it showcases the versatility of the medium, and it makes learning about hair more interesting than… well, hair.

A Guide to Makeup Brushes

Now this is a quality guide and a great use of an infographic. A consistent colour scheme, simple and clear graphics, and text that clarifies without creating confusion – this is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about makeup without coming out of it more confused.

Guide to Beard Grooming

It is upsetting how few men know where to define their neckline. To be fair, how often does that come up? Most men don’t discuss such matters in the first place, and finding advice on it that isn’t accompanied by pitches for unnecessary products is difficult.

For the man who’s willing to put in a modicum of effort, this infographic is basically everything you need to know about how to shave and trim your beard.

Via reddit user /u/theflyingcolumn

The Trustworthiness of Beards

Obviously humorous, but undoubtedly featuring a grain of truth, this playful infographic tells you what public perception is regarding your face’s hairy features.

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