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Easelly's design tool lets you visualize any kind of information.

  • Create reports people will actually read
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What Happens When You Start Using Easelly?

There's a secret the 6 million people who have created designs with Easelly already know.

People don't use Easelly just because we create good looking designs. People use Easelly because our designs get results.


Design amazing graphics that simply and concisely convey your idea.


It is so much more interesting to see data in an infographic. Using a template or two to present impact and results bumps up our presentations and reports to a more professional, eye appealing level.

Tisha Richter

Grants and Corporate Giving Manager, KBPS

Think customer supports, think 'people behind the product' and you'll come to the conclusion that Easelly is the best infographic platform on the market today!

Peter Young

Senior Advisor, Relaxnews

The customer service is astounding. They really go out of their way for you, and even created a free graphic for me. Wow!

Dr. Thalia Charney

Speaker and Author, The Confident Food Shopper

The platform is awesome and has a soft learning curve. You can create infographics in minutes.

Jorge Ramirez

Partner Director, R2 Sistemas

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